Medical Professional

A culture that makes patients sicker affects those who care for them as well. When your career is helping others, a commitment to your own well-being is essential to sustainably providing high quality care. Self-care helps medical and mental health professionals make work-life balance possible.

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Complex phenomena like mental health, opiate addiction, chronic illness and poverty can direct the classroom climate, making it important to maintain your personal well-being so you can be a consistent resource and presence for your students and colleagues. This is especially true during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The work of caregiving may be thrust upon someone in a crisis, with little preparation, and few alternatives. Caregivers are at high risk for isolation, physical and emotional exhaustion, financial problems, and anxiety and depressive disorders. However, the healthier the caregiver, the better care they offer.

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Parenting can be a challenging and all-encompassing experience. Parental self-care is essential to the health of children and families, and attending to your own well-being while actively caring for children, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, is essential.

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Young Adult

In the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic, teenagers are being taught math and literature but not how to better understand their needs, or how to connect with what is most meaningful to them. Society’s definition of success, and the presumption of a linear path to reach it have been shattered by the pandemic and rising inequality. Knowing how to prioritize your own well-being will be essential to thriving in the post-Covid decade.

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For anyone, Self Care = Sustainable Compassion

If you are one of the good, caring people working and living within a broken system you may get tired, discouraged, and lonely. Work of Care was created to help you learn skills necessary to bring the change you want to see into your world. Use the 8 Steps to define your well-being (according to your personal circumstances and priorities) and create a self-care plan to help you sustainably bring your best self to every interaction.

Empower yourself to change the moment. Change the moment, and you change the world.