Self-Care Workbook

This Self-Care Workbook highlights how each individual is integral to the well-being of their workplace, family and community. 

Healthy, resilient, and resourceful individuals are the foundation of strong communities. Self-care prevents, burn-out, compassion fatigue, physical illness, and emotional distress. Self-care helps you to become a better resource for the people you care most about.


Assessments give people permission to discuss how a situation is affecting their life, or consider the multifaceted impact of different circumstances on their well-being. Today's intake forms and questionnaires rarely reveal what's happening in the life of an individual and we can miss out on important information by neglecting to ask these questions.

Organizational Tools

When we ask people to track symptoms, adhere to medication plans, or do other tasks to support recovery or well-being, we need empower them to do so effectively. These free tools help people build skills and improve illness management and self-care.