Educators & Schools

Our self-care workshops for education professionals help create a foundation of well-being that can impact the classroom and school community.

Workshops for teens align with the educators’ program, providing a common language in your school community for discussing self care, and how individual choices and behavior affect a community. These workshops include customized resources, including PLP’s designed for teen learners as people, not just students.

Personalized Learning Plans with supporting documents and worksheets build self-care awareness and skills, and address the learning needs of your learners as people – not just students.

Contact us for more information about how your district can access affordable, customized PLPs, and self-care resources for educators and learners.

Medical Offices

With limited time available to connect with each patient, Work of Care provides resources that help health care providers better understand life-circumstances that affect their patient’s health. These include patient tools, such as assessments and questionnaires, to help identify patients’ potential difficulties with their personal health management, and ensure treatment adherence.

In addition, customized website and apps increase accessibility and usability of these resources for your patient community.

Contact us to access customized, affordable resources to help your office support the well-being of patients and build empowerment and self-care skills in your community.

Health Care Providers

Our workshops help health-care providers offer more effective care, while addressing the fatigue and burn-out that affects many skilled practitioners.

Work of Care also offer tools including assessments and self-care plans that can facilitate discussions and empower patients to take better care of their health, improve treatment adherence, address multiple areas of well-being that affect outcomes, fostering a more collaborative relationship with their health care providers.

Contact us for more information about supporting the well-being or health-care providers, to schedule a workshop, or gain access to online resources.

Business and Community Organizations

While admirable efforts have been made to improve economic development, social programs, and resources, the health of communities depends significantly on the health of individuals.

Work of Care offers customized resources, that can help members of your organization build self-care and life-management skills, with the goal of effectively caring for themselves and others, including clients, coworkers and neighbors. Customized, easy to maintain web options increase accessibility of resources and provide common language to explore the impact of individual wellness on the productivity of your business or the culture of your community organization.

Work of Care provides customized, affordable resources to help your organization or business build individuals’ skills and a culture supportive of wellness. Contact us for more information.

Summer Camps

Building self-care skills supports staff’s ability to create sustainable engagement and enthusiasm throughout the summer.

Often high achieving in school, summer camp staff are navigating a world with different expectations and rewards. Our workshops and resources help staff understand the importance of their role, the impact they can have on campers, and how caring for themselves is an important responsibility to campers, coworkers, and their camp community.

Contact Work of Care to schedule a training, and to access affordable, customized resources that will support your staff in making choices that enhance their well-being, and the well-being of your camp community.


How people handle personal conflicts, balance work and relationships, and manage expectations can have a big impact on the well-being of a faith-based community. Workshops and customized resources help your members recognize the importance of self-care in their day-to-day lives, and create a common language for wellness and well-being within your community.

Contact us to schedule a workshop, and access affordable, customized resources that will support the well-being of individuals, and your worship community.


The well being of parents directly impacts the health and wellness of their children. Work of care offers resources for parents, including self-care plans, workshops and skill-building assessments.

Based on the 8 steps, parental self-care is reframed from an “escape” or “indulgence” to an authentic personal commitment to values. This type of self-care ends up benefitting parents, children, and their communities.

Contact Work of Care to schedule a workshop for your parenting group, or to access resources including self-care plans and assessments.


The well-being of a caregiver directly affects the health outcomes of the person they care for.

Work of Care offers customized workshops and resources for organizations to support caregivers, helping them build the skills necessary to care for themselves, so they can more effectively take care of another person.

Contact Work of Care to schedule a workshop customized for your caregiving organization, or access resources including self-care plans and wellness assessments.